Florida is getting ‘friend zoned’ by these prospects


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    Mark Wheeler
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    Not to pile on here, but Florida keeps getting put in the ‘friend zone’ by these top targets.

    I’ve been out there talking to official and unofficial visitors every week (except yesterday, because we were preparing to launch the new site) and they all rave about the Florida football staff.

    They all use the same words.

    To this point (and I would wait until after July to hit the panic button), they all say the same thing, but it hasn’t really gotten them anywhere.

    Look at what prospects say about the staff. It is the same thing girls say about guys they’ve decided are friends, and nothing more.

    Sincere (he doesn’t try to get in my pants)
    Caring (he’ll listen to me complain about my boyfriend)
    Genuine (he’s really interested in how I am, compared to my boyfriend who only wants one thing)
    Nice (nice guys finish last)
    Cares about me as a person more than a player (cares about my mind and not my body)

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    That’s pretty funny but also painful.

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    You sir, are a funny guy! LOL!

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    I must say I agree about the positive responses UF gets from these visits, but not the positive results we’re looking for. Stay tuned.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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