Florida Football 3-2-1: Wright and Whittemore have fallen out of the rotation

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      Cam Parker
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      Here are three observations, two questions, and one prediction about the Gators based on last weekend’s loss to Georgia as the team heads into a matchup on the road with Texas A&M.

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      I see why Wright has been benched. It’s not his fault that Etienne is a better back.

      Whittemore should be in the top 4 rotation. He is better than Henderson and maybe better than Shorter.

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      Steve L
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      Definitely Wright is not as good as the two starters so I can see him not playing. Whittemore I have no clue. Makes me wonder if there is a bit of tension in that one especially with his brother decommitting.

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      Whittemore should and will transfer.

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      ITG Subscriber

      Unless my 70 year old brain is failing me it will not be the first time we’ve beaten the Aggies since they have joined the conference. We beat them when Champ and the boys beat Johnny Manziel their first year and in College Station. We win this week and exercise some demons by at least 10 points.

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        Mark Wheeler
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        Yes, Florida beat them in 2012.

        Cam states in there that UF is 1-2 against Texas A&M, but the wording is messed up.

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        Cam Parker
        ITG Staff

        Yes, I will admit that my wording is messed up. My apologies.

        The Florida game in 2012 was Texas A&M’s first-ever conference game in the SEC (Florida won 20-17).

        Since then, the Aggies have won twice (19-17 in Gainesville in 2017, 41-38 in College Station in 2020).

        The two teams played twice before Texas A&M joined the league in 2012 (42-6 UF win in Gainesville in 1962 and a 37-14 TAMU win in the Sun Bowl to conclude the 1976 season).

        A rare matchup, but one that has left a bad taste in Gator nation’s mouth considering the results of the last two matchups.

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        Cam Parker
        ITG Staff
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