Five-star Keeley decommits from Notre Dame

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          This would be amazing. This would perhaps make this DL class on par with the Clemsons, Alabamas, Georgia and A&Ms of the world.

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            This is bad news for us.

            If he went to Notre Dame we would have never had to play him. When he signs with Alabama we might have them on our schedule in the next few years.

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              Good point Lilgator. Until that happens though, I will look on the bright side.

              He chose ND and went to a good private high school so he probably puts weight on education which is win for Florida over Alabama and he’s from Tampa which is a plus (albeit no guarantee) for the good guys.

              Napier and company have to start winning battles like this one if they are to live up to their billing and the investment made in recruiting staff and facilities.

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                It’s bad news??? This puts us in the running which to me is good news besides him going to Alabama or Georgia really going to make much of a difference?

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