ESPN grades Napier a C-


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      In grading the new coaching hires at the midway point of the season, ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg gives Billy Napier a C-

      Is that too high, too low or just about right?

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      I think it’s a bit harsh. I’d certainly grade toney that low at least. Napier not coaching to his players strengths and not forcing changes defensively to stop the 3rd down woes. I’m about to convince myself it’s an appropriate grade at 4-4 after next week. Changed my mind, C- is accurate

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      Accurate to this point in the season.

      I assume Brian Kelly is an A-?

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      I want to comment on The Toney Bashing. We all know there are some underachievers on defense that they inherited from the last staff. We run a defense that some of these kids don’t necessarily fit well into. Lets give them this upcoming class and some transfer kids that fit better before we judge from our opinionated Monday morning perches. If I am not mistaken Toney ran a great D at UL

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      Toney ran a great D at UL playing Sunbelt teams. This is the SEC and his defense is one of the worst.

      The C- grade on Napier is fair if they are only going by his W/L record. If they are grading him on everything including building the staff and recruiting he should get a B or maybe a B-

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      Toney also took over for one year and in year 4 of napiers tenure at Louisiana. He didn’t start at the beginning and shape the defense.

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      They got it right because that’s what he is. He has been average for us.

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      Think about if we beat Georgia. ESPN and every fan on here will think he deserves an A. Then if we lose to Texas A&M he’ll be back to a C- again. These grades don’t mean anything until after the coaches have at least 2 years to put their plan in place.

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