Downsizing the Swamp

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      Mark Wheeler
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        The talk the last couple of years has been that in renovating the Swamp, capacity would be reduced in order to improve the game day experience.

        That isn’t just a Florida thing, it has been taking place across sports as a whole.

        Do back-to-back full houses these first two weeks of the season cause Florida to pump the brakes at all?

        How much would what has been described as perhaps the most intense game atmosphere be hindered by losing several thousand seats?

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        Fun & Gun
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          We could give up 5,000 seats and still be one of the loudest stadiums with 85,000 fans in there.

          If they cut back to 75,000 or something like that then the noice from the crowd will definitely take a hit.

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            What are the plans?

            I would say don’t change anything about the student section. Maybe some of other areas could be more comfortable?

            You don’t have to lose any seats to improve WiFi.

            We sit in the Club seats on Jacksonville. It’s ok but it doesn’t stop us from being loud.

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              New stadiums have chair backs and wider seats not bleacher sitting where you are packed in tight.

              You can’t change the plan because of a couple of sell outs. It is going to go back to normal when we play USF. 75,000 in there with 15,000 empty seats.

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                It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the Gators live and in living color. I live in North Carolina so I catch every Gator sporting event I can on television. Since I’m not there, I don’t have an opinion either way. I do know that, when watching the Gators in a big game, like Utah, it was “electric” on my big screen and home theater. Not the same as actually being there, but The Swamp is a special place that is like no other for all Gators. It’s got to be a difficult decision for all those involved. Wouldn’t want to be a part of trying to make that decision! The way I look at it, they need to talk to Spurrier and whatever he decides, go with it!

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