Does the NIT take us if we have a winning record

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        We should beat Georgia to be 15-15. If we beat LSU and win one SEC game that makes us 17-15 then lose the second round that’s 17-16.

        Will the NIT take us if we have a winning record?

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          I don’t think we will finish with a winning record but even if we do I hope not.

          We don’t deserve to be in the postseason.

          We need to get this season over with and get working on next year.

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            I stopped watching two games back. Just as soon this dismal season end.

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              If we beat LSU and win a game in the SEC tourament we could make the NIT. We are better than our record because we’ve played a good schedule. UGA has more wins but is worse because they’ve played cupcakes.

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                We should kill LSU since they’re the worst team in the SEC. We’ll probably lose a close one in the 1st round of the tournament. Then let’s just end it. Why get blown out in the post season to end the season on a bad vibe?

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                  I hope we make the NIT. A few more games for me to watch this year and an extension of the collegiate career of some of these players. It’s been tough watching at times but I’m still glued to the tv when they’re on!

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                    We’re 16-15.

                    We have a real chance to beat MSU if we play like we did the last two games. Alabama in the next round is going to end us, so we’ll finish 17-16.

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