Do we or don’t we offer deals to recruits?

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      Fun & Gun
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      How are we doing NIL deals?

      I’ve seen people say we bid on players like Rashada and the DL transfer that went to Miami but Ruiz out bid us.

      Then I’ve seen people say we don’t offer money in recruiting.

      Which one is it?

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      We do but we don’t offer up front money. We don’t pay the kids a bunch of money while they’re still on high school. Folks have said our offers are very competitive, just different pay structure.

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      ITG Subscriber

      I don’t think anyone is giving any recruits any money while they are still in high school.

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        Fun & Gun
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        When do they get it then? When they get to campus? When they pkay a year? What if they get hurt do they still get paid?

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      My understanding is that it’s against NCAA rules to offer recruits money to sign with a particular school.
      Also, NIL money payed to players comes not from schools, but third parties, like Gator Guard and Gator Collective.
      From what I’ve read, Florida will let recruits know how much current players are making so they can see what they could POSSIBLY make should they sign with UF.
      Whether this is done through conversations with current players, UF staff, or Gator Guard/Collective, I do not know.
      My guess is that there probably are no signed contracts with recruits at any schools.
      Any such documentation that would be leaked would be evidence of huge recruiting violations that would lead to sanctions.
      Are there promises made – maybe.
      But if it’s not on paper, who’s to guarantee a recruit gets paid what’s promised once he signs?
      I am also guessing that it would be stupid to give a recruit cash up front, since there is no guarantee he signs.
      My opinion is that a lot of what we hear about recruits committing for money is smoke to stroke egos and entice other recruits.

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        Dan the Man
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        You don’t think that Mcclain knows down to the penny what he is going to get paud by Miami?

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I don’t know in what form it takes, like if there is an actual monetary value given per year type of ‘contract’ deal, but there are top targets who absolutely are made aware of what they can make if they sign with Florida.

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      From the Swamp
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      Look at how Hathcock is tweeting about Rashada. Yes he gave him a deal to get him to flip from Miami.

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        It says in the NY Times article that we didn’t give him specific numbers, but it says he will make less with us than he would with them.

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      Gatlin Gator
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      Are teams allowed to have boosters tell high school recruits how much money they’ll make if they sign?

      Shouldn’t that be illegal?

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