Denson wearing Alabama gloves keeping it going til signing day

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      I can’t wait until we get back on top and we can drop recruits like this.

      Don’t give them a chance to dog us out at the end and as soon as they pull something like this tell them to hit the bricks.

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      Steve L
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      Tis what it tis. When Bama offered him I thought uh oh. Hope he sticks but we’ll see.

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      Tampa area Gator
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      Alabama, Georgia and Clemson are the schools you always have to worry about if they offer one of your committed recruits.

      I pray he sticks with the good guys.

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      This is why I hate recruiting.

      He and Webb are our 2 best recruiters so what happens when the recruits he is recruiting sees this?

      Subliminally it will tell them that Florida isn’t everything he says they are because if they were he wouldn’t be repping Alabama gear.

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      Gator Lock!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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