Dan Mullen is still available

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      Say whatever you want about Mullen but he never shit the bed like this.

      I am disappointed in Napier.

      Losses like this make me question if he is the one.

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      Napier can’t be losing games like this and keep the fans behind him supporting him.

      I heard some of his talk with reporters after the game and he doesn’t sound like he has a plan. He says the same thing everytime we lose.

      We better hope we can buy enough players to overcome his play calling and quarterback coaching.

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      Mullen created this mess

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        Are you saying Mullen is the reason we lost to Vandy?

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      I don’t think Mullen is the reason we lost today, but I still don’t want him back.

      If we really had a chance to take Lincoln Riley or Brian Kelly and said no then we made a big mistake.

      They’re both better coaches than coach Napier.

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      Mullen went 10–3, 11–2, 8–4 and 5–6. He was fired for having this kind of season.

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