Cox is the reason why you shouldn’t rely on stars

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      Cox was 5 stars and was good but not great. Not a 5 star at all.

      We need talent that fits our system and culture.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      I disagree with that in the sense that Cox absolutely was deserving of his five-star status.

      At 6-foot-4, 250-pounds, and explosiveness, he is the prototypical rush end.

      If it makes sense, he lived in the backfield – he just didn’t make enough plays while he was back there.

      He wasn’t great against the rush because he didn’t set the edge, he went straight for the ball. His problem was I have never seen someone whiff so often behind the LOS. He would either over-pursue the fake or whiff on the sack/TFL. He has all the attributes of a top defensive end but was perhaps lacking football instincts or a nose for the ball.

      If he is able to get that down, he can still have a successful NFL career.

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      Sounds to me like the recruiting ratings systems are flawed.

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      Cox is a beast…you clearly have never stood next to this “kid”

      he was not utilized properly to his strengths in my opinion and should have been bouncing around along line. Toney toyed with it during the tenn game and it was effective. Never schemed it again.

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      Steve L
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      Standing next to him and marveling at his size doesn’t make him a beast. To get booted by Napier tells me there were issues in some way fashion or form

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        OK steve. if you are on the field Cox was easily our best athlete on defense. yes he was a beast on our defense
        in your case you should have watched him closely on the tv

        it was no secret he was frustrated on and off the field with his teammates not doing their job. Again watch the tape of any game and you will clearly be able to see him constantly being frustrated and yelling at his teammates

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      Steve L
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      You have your your opinion and I have mine. Not worth arguing over.He gone.

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      From the Swamp
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      He will probably still be drafted in the first 3 rounds by the NFL. They don’t care about a player being a good teammate they want dogs.

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      The recruiting rankings are a good predictor of how good your team will play. That, and QB play.

      Not every highly rated player works out and some very lowly rated players turn out to be great but the odds significantly favor the highly rated guys. You’ve got to get a bunch of them and figure out the good ones.

      Cox was definitely a 5* prospect, Lingard too. But being a 5* doesn’t guarantee an All-SEC career, it just increase the chances. 5* players have ~50% chance of being great. 4* players 35%, 3* players 20%, etc. Something like that..

      Didn’t Khris Bogle transfer the minute Cox announced he was coming back? I thought that was a bad sign about Cox.

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