Changes to depth chart btwn Week 6 and Week 7

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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff

      Changes (Offense)

      QB: Jack Miller III (thumb) returns and replaces Kyle Engel as QB3.
      RB: Nay’Quan Wright drops from the starting spot to RB3, listed as an OR with Lorenzo Lingard. Montrell Johnson becomes the starter with Trevor Etienne as the backup.
      RT: Michael Tarquin (lower body) returns and is listed as an OR with Austin Barber for starting right tackle. Expect both to play on Saturday.

      Changes (Defense)
      LB: Despite being listed on both depth charts, Diwun Black (lower body) will not play for the second-straight week.
      CB: Devin Moore (upper body) was moved from the backup CB spot to the injury report. It should be noted, he was on the chart last week but did not play due to the injury. Jalen Kimber takes his spot behind Jason Marshall Jr.

      No special team changes.

      Week 7:

      Week 6:

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