Booster that didn’t come through with Rashada’s money

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      Did they name the booster who didn’t come through with the money promised to Rashada?

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      My understanding is that either 1) Rashada asked for more money post signing or 2) the agreement was terminated two weeks before signing day, or perhaps a little of both.

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      Move on

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      Mark Wheeler
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      What is becoming more and more reasonable sounding is that he had a $6 million deal with Miami (which is still more than I would pay a high school player), Florida offered him $7 to flip, that was either agreed upon or the starting point, but then they wanted an additional $6 million to cover any litigation they might face from breaking the Miami contract and the UF side balked.

      To me, and TO BE CLEAR I HAVE NO IDEA what the deal was, but that sounds more likely than Rashada being offered a $13 million deal.

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      That makes perfect sense Mark. That’s the most reasonable take I’ve heard on the situation.

      It still turns my stomach a bit…

      Napier actually said it in print early on this recruiting cycle when we started losing heavy Gator leans with great relationships to Miami for more $. He actually said “It makes me sick to my stomach.” Unusual frankness.

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      I think it’s the one that started the Guard guard.

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        Gatlin Gator
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        No it isn’t. It’s another money man not the one with the car they all take pictures with.

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      Do they really have to say who it is?

      Can’t you figure out that it’s the one who announced him the day before he committed.

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