Billy’s blocking fans on twitter

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      From the Swamp
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        I’ve seen a few tweets from fans that Billy has been blocking them because of their tweets.

        I saw some of them and they’re not that bad. Not bad enough to make him made.

        I seen worse on here ?

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          There are fans that should be blocked or put in time out. I get being upset when we aren’t playing that good but some of them are always complaining about something.

          Think of the recruits reading that BS. They would think we are Miami bad instead of being 4-2.

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          ITG Subscriber

            Most coaches use twitter as a means to communicate with recruits. I would be surprised if he followed many fans. Either way he doesn’t need a bunch of negativity from fans who do not understand anything going on internally.

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            ITG Subscriber

              The staff reached out to a reporter on another site as he tweeted 3rd and toney. They didn’t like that. Pretty weak.

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              Mark Wheeler
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                I seriously doubt Napier is on on social media blocking people during a football season.

                That’s likely a staff member with his account.

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                  Steve L
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                    Any coach that allows himself to be distracted by Twitter needs to self examine. Billy has a right to block anyone and I say good for him to do so. Some here will not agree but I contend Twitter is abused and overused. Facebook and Instagram are for the weak minded and people who have no life.

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                    I would block a lot of our fans.

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