Billy Napier’s radio interview

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      This is the podcast interview with coach Napier.

      This was done before all the coaches left and he said it woild be a positive to have the staff back next year because everyone knew the drill.

      I don’t know if all these coaches leaving is going to make it that much of a difference.

      It’s still some good football talk.

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      That’s 30 wasted minutes. He didn’t say anything.

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      As I tweeted out during his introductory press conference, you can watch and listen to him and tell that he is very measured when speaking. He thinks about every word that comes out of his mouth.

      The plus there is that I doubt you will ever see him put his foot in his mouth, make negative headlines, or have to walk something back.

      The negative is he doesn’t give out a lot of interesting information.

      That is with the press though.

      Last year I saw him at the Jacksonville and Lakeland Gator Gatherings and he is funny, personable, and informative in front of an audience.

      It just feels like he is guarded when talking to the press.

      While it may be a bit bland, overall though, it might be a good thing.

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