Best and worst positions after a week of practice

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      From the Swamp
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      We have 1 week of practice over and we have 3 more.

      Right now what position is our best and which one is the worst?

      It’s been sounding like we are going to be better than expected at WR.

      What’s left for the worst position? Tight end or DL?

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      If Pearsall is out for a long time it makes receiver a lot worse.

      No matter what tight end is our worst position.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      To be honest, they are opening 15 minutes of practice per day, and you really can’t make a determination off of that.

      Maybe we’ll a better feel after the scrimmage this weekend.

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      Cam Parker
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      In my brief observations from attending all the practices (like Mark said, it’s hard to judge), there’s isn’t much to go on. From what I’ve seen, the running backs seem to be a big strength while the tight ends are very much hit or miss, mostly due to the inexperience.

      Defensively, the DBs stand out, not only because of returning veterans and youth with playing experience, but having Patrick Toney and Corey Raymond as coaches. Defensive line might be an issue, but not because of talent. Depth could be a big issue down the road.

      Take everything with a grain of salt. All the drills are on air and I have not gotten to see any one-on-one drills, etc. But this is what I can say based on what I’ve seen.

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      ITG Subscriber

      Cam what about receivers?

      Are they above or below average for the SEC.

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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff

      Apologies for the late response (been moving into a new apartment).

      From what I see, it’s about average, neither above or below. Potential is there. Keary Colbert is demanding excellence from the group, whether walk-on or four-year starter, especially in the little details.

      Not to sound cliche, but this is the group we will have to wait until Utah to know more about.

      Potential is through the roof, and I consider 2021 such an outlier compared to previous years so I don’t base much off of that.

      Pearsall and Shorter are the clear best of the group with Pearsall’s speed and Shorter’s size (and both’s experience). Whittemore has shown flashes of brilliance when his number is called (even if it wasn’t called much in 2021 due to a lackluster offense).

      At the moment, it’s about average, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it becomes above average at some point in the season.

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      Cam Parker
      ITG Staff

      Additionally: this offense won’t put up Kyle Trask-type passing stats (and I would be very surprised if a single receiver has +750 individual yards). The strength is the running backs, AR’s running ability and the run-blocking by the offensive line and tight ends.

      Stats-wise, I’m thinking more 2018/2019-ish with the ball spread out when they do throw it.

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      ITG Subscriber

      60-40 run to pass?

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