Baxter tried to clown us during his commitment

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      In his commitment Baxter had our hat like he was picking us and his dad had picked up and had a box with Texas in it.

      We don’t need clowns like that anyway.

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      I know kids try to create suspense but it’s weak to troll a fan base. Unless you’re trolling fsu; then it’s funny.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      That really wasn’t all that bad. I hate to see outright disrespect of a program that recruited you (something along the lines of throwing the hat to the side or one kid even threw hats in the trash), but to pick it up, and then put it down for a cowboy hat, that’s not that big of a deal.

      I feel like we should all let the young men have their moment as long as it isn’t in poor taste.

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      Nah, you’re right. I agree 100%. We don’t need clowns like Baxter committing to UF. I think FSU going to be hard to beat here. Let him and Memphis Mike hang out together!

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      Baxter is already committed to Texas
      He has been silently for almost two months

      This is no surprise to anyone

      And yes we would gladly take him. Kid is a beast

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      Steve L
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      It’s not a big deal anyway. Iff we get our feelings hurt this easily it”s it’s time to get some big boy pants. Everybody knew he was going to Texas so why even watch him commit.

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      Yeah, I even forgot he was committing. Not interested in those who’ve been pushing the narrative that they’re heading out of state. I’m to the point much like the soup character on Seinfeld, “NEXT!”

Viewing 6 reply threads
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