Austin Barber’s role in Webb’s commitment

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      Cam Parker
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        While speaking to Austin Barber’s father, Mark, for my recent Redshirt Report, I asked him about his relationship to Treyaun Webb, Austin’s role in recruiting his former HS teammate and Billy Napier’s focus on recruiting in Jacksonville, something that had been missing in recent years.

        Here’s the full transcript of that portion of our interview:

        Me: “Recruiting in Jacksonville has been pretty hard for Florida in general the last few years. We’re already seeing with Napier how he’s really targeting that area. Has Austin said anything about the new staff recruiting in Jacksonville and has he talked to some of the guys in high school about coming to play at Florida?”

        Mark Barber: “One of his big buddies was Treyaun Webb. Austin talked to him a lot about coming (to Florida). He didn’t know the Marcus Stokes kid, but Austin has tried to help recruit in this area as much as he can for the team.”

        Me: “Treyaun Webb, I saw that post Austin made of him lifting Webb in the air. It was a picture from high school and a picture during Webb’s recruitment. How close are those two, and how much do you think that Austin talking to him played a factor into his commitment?”

        Mark Barber: “With Austin being a true freshman last year and not traveling on the away games, Austin would come home and go watch Trinity play. So, Austin was on the field. It was like Austin was another coach out there. I think he had a big influence on Treyaun coming. I think he talked to him a lot about coming.”

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        Cam Parker
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            My family is from Murphy, NC. Same hometown as Yousef. He’s so blessed that he survived his accident. He’s a really good kid from a really good family. Florida is his dream school. I don’t think he will disappoint as he will continue to work hard and do more than what is required of him to get to where he wants to be. As a lifelong Gator fan, I was excited that a young man from a nearby small town would have the opportunity to prove himself in the SEC, especially when he chose the Gators over Tennessee. Go Gators and Go Yousef! Western North Carolina Gator fans are proud of you!

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