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        Mark Wheeler
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          Good find.

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            Yeah, there were a lot of good points but some I didn’t quite agree with.
            The article divides duties of a coach between recruiting and development, but I would also add management to that.
            In Muschamp’s case, I felt he did a good job in developing players but failed in managing, both game day and staff.
            There were some good defensive players coming out of the program, but because he couldn’t manage his staff and hire an good OC, the offensive side suffered.

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              Article by Matt Baker. Stopped reading as soon as I saw the name at the beginning. Baker never has anything good to say about the Gators. Any article he’s ever written about UF should be used in the bathroom. You’d never have any need to purchase toilet paper.

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                That may well be true, but it was still a decent summary and reminder of better days for all three programs.
                There’s also the third part of this series:

                Will Florida Gators, FSU and Miami ever be the Big Three again?

                One thing both articles mentioned that I was not aware of was how bad the HS football coaches in the state of Florida are paid compared to other states.
                This is surprising considering the amount of talent in the state.
                Interesting that Napier is getting involved in trying to help the coaches out.
                Nice example of trying to improve relations with the local HS coaches.

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                  It’s not the the coaches are bad it’s that Floridas pay is horrible and it’s rare to have the elite coach stay. We got lucky and I truly believe we have the best high school coach in the state. The Gators and everyone will be coming after our QB. Heed my words.

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                    Having retired as a hs football and baseball coach, I can attest to the pay in Florida and North Carolina not being good, at all, with the number of hours you put in. Pay is much, much higher in Georgia and some other states. One thing though, I wouldn’t trade any of the relationships with former players and some still remain in touch and let me know the impact I had in their lives. Better than pay for me as I realize I made a difference for many.

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