Am I less of a fan if I’m disappointed in this staff

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        Every new hire he announces it is more and more evident that Napier is in over his head.

        He’s bringing in coaches that probably seem like an upgrade to him at Louisiana but these aren’t SEC caliber.

        This has to be the weakest staff in the SEC.

        What is he doing with that $7 million for staff?

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          I’m waiting to see who the WR coach is going to be.

          If we can get a great recruiter there it will cover up some of the other coaches who are weak ass recruiters.

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            We have fired three consecutive coaches in less than four years each. Why would an established assistant or coordinator take a job in that mess when there ate plenty of stable situations willing to hire them? This is part of the price you pay for having a 12 year history of coaching rotating doors. Some of you will say you can pay them enough to come but the other programs pay enough too. All of you better hope like hell Napier makes this work because if we fire him after 3 1/2 years it will be hard to get anyone worth a damn to take the job.

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            Go Gators TJ
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              Rome hit the nail on the head.

              We have had back to back losing seasons. We are probably an SEC mid pack team this year. Good coaches aren’t going to leave good teams that are trending up to come here to be on the hot seat.

              Look at some of the receiver coaches Napier interviewed. The out of work coach that was fired by PSU and the out of work coach that Sanders didn’t keep at Colorado.

              If they were great coaches they wouldn’t be unemployed.

              That is the kind of coach we are going to get right now.

              When we get back to winning we’ll have a better chance to get better coaches.

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                You would think a top receivers coach would want to come in here and work with these young receivers we have.

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