All things considered what grade would you give Napier

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        Taking everything into consideration from the day he started until today what grade would you give Napier?

        I would give him an A-

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          Solid B. While he got James and Wilson to close esd he then landed very low ranked players on signing day and this class he has had some nice pickups but we still have deficiencies of big time recruits in certain positions. He’s off to a good start but I’m not gonna get myself too high or too low based on where we are today.

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            1. This is definitely clickbait.
            2. Bd489……you’re being unrealistic as it’s way too early in CBN’s tenure to grade
            him and true Gator fans all knew this was going to be a tear down and build back
            for the program. The entire staff has been working hard to set things right the
            past seven months and we all know the state of the program before they were all
            hired; therefore, I’d give you an epic FAIL for your take here!

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              What is this true gator fans stuff? I’m not putting on blinders and saying everything he has done is elite nor saying it’s all bad. He seems to be implementing his vision and making progress but as a fan I have seen some recruiting misses that don’t give him an A.
              Let’s remember that Mullen took over a 4 win team with franks and won 10 in year 1. That too was a broken program. It almost feels like folks are already giving Napier a pass for what could be a down season when he is taking over a 6 win team.
              Finally-every job anyone has ever had you get scrutinized and graded. 7 months in all we have is recruiting and such to go off of, how is it unfair to give a grade based on what we think as fans?

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                How are you saying that it is too early to grade him? Sites like ESPN grade new coaches as soon as they’re hired and hes been on the job for like 8 months.

                For what hes done so far I would say he’s probably about a B or a B+.

                I think he has done great building the program and making things better for the players.

                I wish he would have hired a big name OC and gotten a better quarterback from the portal.

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                  Why would anyone try to grade a coach before he has even coached a game?

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                    What’s wrong with giving an assessment of what he’s done so far? I even said I’m not getting too high or low since it’s so early. It’s just shooting the breeze when we’re still 8 weeks away from football!

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                      Agreed Rome. The man has yet to coach a game, but is already receiving grades and rankings. Grades and rankings should be reserved for after a coach has his first year under his belt. All the other stuff that sports channels put out there is just fluff and clickbait for impatient fans within each fan base.

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                      Steve L
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                        This is a non subject. Bring it up after football season and even then try to remember it will have been only a year.

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                          He’s done so many great things that’s really brought us into the new world of college football with all the upgrading of the staff, player housing, parking and food.

                          For what he’s done on the football side so far he deserves an A++

                          Recruiting has to be better.

                          If we win 9 or more games he’ll easily get a grade of A.

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                            He is a B+ or A- so far.

                            There is nothing he has done to give him anything less than that. If someone tries to say a C or less they are looking for attention or hating on him.

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                              From me he deserves an A+ for upgrading everything on the team.

                              He gets an A for running the team and cleaning up some if Mullen’s messes.

                              He deserves a C for recruiting high school and a D for recruiting the transfer portal.

                              That’s a B in total.

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                                Giving this staff a C for recruiting is way off.

                                They are a solid D to a D-

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                                  Grading out this coaching staff this early is ridiculous. They haven’t been here long enough. Throw in the NIL stuff and we’re a year behind. To me, with this being his first season coaching, the next class is his bump class. His first one was just trying to hold on and finish.

                                  I know this isn’t a popular opinion but it seems too logical to me.

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