A true drop back passer Anthony Richardson is not


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      Nope. And he still has a lot to learn before he is even close to ready for the NFL

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      Mark Wheeler
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      That begs the question, why do they ask him to do it?

      Most of the time, you’ll hear coaches say that they modify their scheme to fit their players. Here it seems like Napier is married to the scheme, which would explain playing Zanders so much, with a lot of bunch formations instead of spreading defenses out, giving AR more room to move.

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      Napier isn’t adjusting the offense to what he has and Toney doesn’t seem to be adjusting his defense to fit our strengths. Folks on some message boards act like it’s treason to criticize our coaches but these aren’t outrageous criticisms. It’s what coaches are supposed to do.

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        Gatlin Gator
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        That’s my biggest issue with Napier.

        Instead of fitting his offense to the players we have he is making them play in his offense.

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      I wonder how statistically valid the data is, at least for Florida.
      The data claims that the “true” drop-back excludes RPOs and play-action.
      What percentage of Florida’s plays are “true” drop-backs?

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      75% of our plays should be RPO or getting him out on the edge for a run pass option. We are wasting his biggest assett. Think about a defensive player on the edge having to deal with him taking off or pulling up passing.

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      Let’s face it, he is not any better than Felipe Franks. In fact his inconsistency reminds me of him. I wish Emory had stayed; we would have beat Ky.

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      Do you people even watch the games? As little as he’s running now he gets up limping during every game.

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      Gator Thriller
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      I thought this just got deleted but I put it on another post by accident.

      I hope Napier hires a new coach to be the OC and play caller next year.

      He is doing a great job but it’s too much for him to coach quarterbacks be the OC, be the play caller and keep up with all his head coaching duties.

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