7 tight ends on scholarship

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      Dan the Man
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        The story says we have 7 scholarship tight ends. Out of those 7 we know none of them would start or be 2nd team at Georgia but how many of them would see the field unless it was a blowout?

        We need talent and we aren’t getting close with the players we got.

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          Thanks for the news flash.

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            Dan the Man
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              We can’t point out where we aren’t that good?

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                  It’s not permitted to say that we aren’t up to par at certain positions or really as a team.

                  Our fans want to be kept in the dark about where we really stand.

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              From the Swamp
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                There’s not many teams who have TE’s better than Georgia. Bowers is a AA. The problem we have is that our TE’s probably wouldn’t start on any SEC teams.

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