5-2 would have felt so much differently than 4-3

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      5-2 at the break would have hit so much differently than 4-3 – and the very real possibility of 4-4 after facing Georgia. With only one guaranteed win (Vandy) remaining, UF is playing for bowl eligibility against SC, A&M, and FSU.

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      It seems like the team is regressing by the week. I didn’t think we’d fix 3rd and grantham in a few weeks but I thought we would see improvement throughout the year. It’s honestly like watching grantham still call the plays.

      Edit-there are NO guaranteed wins with this team. You forget about that USF game?

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      A lot different.

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      I did not realize the defensive scheme is bascially similar to Todds. I don’t like that bend don’t break scheme. It gives up too much yardage . And it seems maybe Toney is in over his head on this level at this point. LSU has sucked all year offensively except vs our defense troubling .

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