4 top 100 recruits committed to UM this week

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    Miami got 4 top 100 recruits to commit to them this week.

    We don’t have any top 100 recruits committed.

    Miami recent commitments (All Top 100)

    -June 26th- Jaden Rashada (QB)
    -June 28th- Nathaniel Joseph (WR)
    -July 1- Riley Williams (TE)
    -July 2- Antione Jackson (2024 CB)

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    We get it.

    We hired coaches who aren’t great at recruiting.

    Bringing it up every time something good happens to another team isn’t going to make our recruiting better.

    I wish Napier was a better recruiter but unless he starts losing games I am going to keep the faith.

    I hope you do too.

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    We all knew cristobol could recruit but Miami doesn’t have many fans that show up to games and have been bad for years. Prior to NIL becoming pay for play nobody thought they would be beating us on the trail like this. Napier has plenty of time before signing day to change things but Miami is a problem for us.

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    Yes, Miami is a problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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