247 CB Sorey to us tomorrow

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      WR Sorey CB to us tomorrow over Auburn and Georgia.

      If we get him we probably aren’t going to get Mizell or Jean but could get Wilson still.

      Maybe Patterson will get dropped.

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      Heard he delayed his decision.

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      Mark Wheeler
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      If you put the four uncommitted prospects in order, I would think that it would go Mizell, Jean, Wilson and then Sorely.

      I have DM’ed him a couple of times but he hasn’t gotten back to me in a couple of months.

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      Nah, we need to keep Patterson. Kid has dominated the 7v7 circuit this summer and his rating will go up. I’ve watched film and he’s definitely underrated. The coaches have seen it too. That’s why they offered him.

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      From the Swamp
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      The question isn’t is Patterson underrated it’s is he as good as Wilson or Mizell and Sorey?

      If they are better than him and we don’t have room for 5 receivers we need to let Patterson find somewhere else.

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      Steve L
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      Need to keep Patterson I think he’s he’s better than a lot of folks think. Regardless it’s highly doubtful we get all of Mizell, Wisen and Wilson anyway.

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      Steve L
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      Sorry Mizell,Wilson and Sorey. My bad.

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      What makes you think we ain’t getting Mizell? He’s a legacy. Both parents ran track for UF.

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