$15 million for a player

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      College football bidding wars.

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      I wonder what the sources are for these outrageous NIL claims.
      As I understand, the schools themselves can not be directly involved in NIL, but these deals come from third-party entities.
      In addition, these entities also can not make deals with the recruits themselves with the understanding they sign with a particular school.
      So if this is true, Nelson can sign the $15M deal but is not obligated to sign with Texas A&M.
      Likewise, if he does sign with Texas A&M, the third-party entity can back off their offer since the promise made is against NCAA regulations.
      In any case, there is so much under-the-table talks going on, that it’s hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not.
      Seems to me the source could be some agent trying to drum up business from future recruits.

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