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      It’s in the Orlando Sentinel tonight that we promised Jaden Rashada 13 million to flip him over from Miami.

      We’re not living up to the way the deal was structured.

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      If that’s true I hope it falls through.

      That’s twice as much as the head coach makes.

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      If true, I agree that’s an insane amount of money to give to a high school kid. Nothing against him at all but if this is the state of college football, free agency every year, play kids to change their commitments then this is the most dysfunctional unorganized institution and all the sports.

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      This is unsustainable. .

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      If true, Napier needs to grow a pair and tell Rashada and his pimp father to keep their A$$e$ home in Cali.

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      All these comments and posts are both sad and amusing.
      No one (especially me) knows what’s really going on, other than it SEEMS to be related to NIL.
      And all these comments using “we” are also amusing – who is “we”.
      Are people using “we” actually ponying up money?
      How do newspapers know about the amount of money involved when I am guessing no agreements are ever signed – at least before the players get on campus.
      To do so would leave a paper trail that would lead to NCAA sanctions.
      Also why is there always a need to blame someone – player, parent, collective?
      If you think about it, there is also more people that are potentially involved.
      These kids now get agents, who I am guessing are maybe not the more established ones used by professionals.
      It’s also not just the Gator Guard or Gator Collective that can make deals with players.
      I am guessing a local used car dealership can make a direct deal with a player about sponsorship.
      At this point, I don’t think anyone knows exactly what the issues are.

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        If no agreement was signed why are reporters saying that our collective sent Rashada a document in December saying we couldn’t hold up our side?

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      Mark Wheeler
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      Where did that number come from? I have no clue what his deal is, but I find it hard to believe that the market for a high school quarterback is $13 million.

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      I would rather lose with what we have than win with a quarterback we paid 13 million for.

      That’s not college football.

      No matter what happens with him now I don’t think I can pull for him.

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        Gator Thriller
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        Why wouldn’t you pull for him? What was he supposed to do turn it down?

        If we offered that much that’s on us. If we couldn’t live up to the deal we signed that’s on us.

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      Steve L
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      Seemingly it’s water under the bridge regardless of who is his not to blame. His recruitment has been a s–t show from the beginning. I don’t blame the kid one iota and someday we will find out the truth about this whole deal. I wish him well wherever he ends up.

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      Steve L
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      who is or is not to blame All thumbs on my part.

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