Reply To: Doering reacts to the Rashada situation

Mark Wheeler
Forum Owner

No prep player deserves that kind of money. Not Rahsada, not Manning, not even Moore, who looked like the best quarterback in this class.

At first, I didn’t believe the number, and though two reputable reporters repeated it, I’m not sure I still consider it 100% correct (Unless they saw the actual contract, they can only go by what they consider credible sources tell them).

When we all say (in unison) that he isn’t worth that much, it makes it appear as though Rashada is to blame. I have yet to see a claim that Rashada held anyone up at gunpoint.

You are worth what someone is willing to pay you. And apparently, regardless of how egregious the amount is, someone apparently offered him a pretty substantial deal – and if the reports are true, backed out.

None of that, as reported, is Rashada’s fault.

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