Reply To: Live from football practice (8/9/22)

Cam Parker
ITG Staff

Observations: Boy was today a hot one as it is about 92 degrees outside, and it showed mainly in the receivers and offensive line.

A few drops (more so than I’ve seen this fall) by the receivers. On the offensive line, Darnell Stapleton was heard getting onto Jordan Herman and Ethan White for taking their helmets off while not participating in the drill.

As for who had a good day, Richardson and Miller III looked poised with their throws once again.

Ricky Pearsall and Trent Whittemore looked good as well, with Whittemore making a nice one-handed catch on the sideline.

Kingsley Eguakun had a good rep in a center blocking drill.

Jonathan Odom being back in a white jersey for catching drills is a positive sign, but take it with a grain of salt has he’s not cleared.

Getting Gouraige back full-time (it looks like) is big, but it’s a bit concerning that when Florida gets two back, they lose three (Watson, Conner and Sapp), but I’ll continue to keep an eye on those three the rest of the week.

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