Reply To: Billy Napier media availability (8/9/22)

Cam Parker
ITG Staff

On the quarterbacks: Says there’s no question that Anthony Richardson’s confidence, both on the field and with the playbook has grown tremendously.

“I think his feet are in the right place because he’s processing quicker.”

Jack Miller III: Says they gave him some reps with the first team to get him more comfortable and said he did really well.

Kitna: Says Kitna has made the most growth since spring. Is dealing with an injury that needed a small procedure (why he missed yesterday). Will be back soon.

Brown: Calls him the rookie of the group and said there’s still some development to do.

Engel: Earned a scholarship for the spring and summer semester and provides good depth.

Overall, says there’s two guys in the room who can win now, and they’re still working on identifying the third guy.

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