Reply To: Live from football practice (8/8/22)

Cam Parker
ITG Staff

Observations: OL Richard Gouraige was working a bit with the offensive line today, still in a black non-contact jersey, but then moved back to one-on-one training. TE Jonathan Odom was still in a black non-contact jersey, but was participating.

Rashad Torrence II was seen with Dakota Mitchell (black non-contact jersey) off to the side stretching. Torrence II was still in his blue contact jersey. DB Jaydon Hill was not dressed out and was training on the sideline with the other two DBs.

Continuing the trend with discipline, running back coach Jabbar Juluke and inside linebackers coach Jay Bateman made some players in their group redo drills to get it right.

The quarterbacks aired it out on deep balls towards the end of the open period, and it didn’t look to good after Richardson. Jack Miller III threw a wobbly ball that was behind the receiver, while Max Brown short-armed it. The receivers all did a good job adjusting to it, however.

Caleb Douglas looks absolutely fluid. Change of direction is not a problem for the true freshman.

Building off of receivers, the group did a lot better putting the ball in their outside arm than last week. I heard Keary Colbert tell almost every receiver last week, “OUTSIDE ARM!” Today, I only heard it once.

Ventrell Miller looks like the best linebacker at the moment.

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