Reply To: Gator football media availability (8/6/22)

Cam Parker
ITG Staff

    On Kyle Pitts: Said he tried to make plans to work out with him in Atlanta but it didn’t work out. However, they talk constantly, and Pitts and Pitts’ mother reached out to congratulate him on graduating.

    On Feleipe Franks making the move to TE: Said he hasn’t talked to him in a while, but he’s not surprised by the moves Franks is making.

    On Amari Burney: Said he’s extremely helpful with everything. When Zanders was at DE, Burney would help with alignment and assignments. Now, he said Burney will coach guys from the sideline as well.

    On the TE system under Napier: “We do a lot of 12 personnel. When you think we’re blocking, we’re passing. When you think we’re passing, we’re blocking. He likes to mix it up.”

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