Reply To: Live from football practice: 8/5/22

Cam Parker
ITG Staff

Some observations: today was the first day I saw light contact.

Linebackers hit and wrapped each other (no taking to ground) while OL and TEs was a lot more physical with each other than the last two.

Rob Sale got onto Noah Keeter a bit for a misunderstood assignment, but Keeter made it up after.

RBs spent most of the time on footwork drills and blocking a dummy. Nay’Quan Wright stands out as he made sure to take most of the first reps in drills.

Kamryn Waites’ size is truly astounding. I knew he was big, but seeing him stand next to the rest of the OL (and then next to me after the drill) really puts it into perspective.

247 recently ranked Florida’s “QB Battle” between Anthony Richardson and Jack Miller III No. 10 in the country. Once again, Richardson looked extremely good today hitting all of his targets with good accuracy. Miller III had a good day as well from what I noticed.

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