Reply To: Live from football practice: 8/4/22

Cam Parker
ITG Staff

Final thoughts: There really wasn’t much to observe or base off of today.

I watched a little bit of Jaydon Hill’s workout in the IPF, and it’s possible he’s still recovering from his ACL tear nearly a year ago (tore it on the first day of fall camp in 2021). However, he’s obviously not 100% as he’s not even dressed out, but he looked like he got a lot of his speed and mobility back.

Ricky Pearsall’s “injury” from yesterday looks like a thing of the past.

OL Kaleb Boateng and Nicolas Flynn (walk-on freshman) worked with the DL today despite being listed as OL on the roster. Chris Thomas Jr. made his return to the DL group as well. This is most likely due to the lack of depth on the defensive side and plentiful depth on the offensive (similar to the DE’s who switched to TE in the spring).

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