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Mark Wheeler
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QB – I went with Young and MSU’s Rogers. I was tempted to go with Ark’s Jefferson over Rogers, figuring he will likely approach 3,500 total yards (passing and rushing), but then again, so will Richardson. We know Leach’s guy is going to throw it all over the place. I still don’t get the love for Hooker and Levis – neither were very good against UF last season.

RB – We had to vote for four. In order I went with Bigsby, Gibbs, McIntosh and then UF’s Johnson.

WR – Tillman is probably the best returning receiver and then Burton, transferring from UGA to hook up with Young will likely have an off the charts type of season. Those were my first two. Boutte and then … drum roll please, I went with Shorter. It is his time. I really believe that. UF only nominated him and Pearsall.

TE – Bowers as the top guy was a given. Then, Bell of South Carolina could make a jump. I LOVED his athletic ability and burst when he was committed to UF. Not surprisingly, UF didn’t put any of their tight ends up for nomination.

OG/OT – This is where it gets difficult, so I went back and mostly looked at my game notes from last year. That means my votes will weigh heavily toward who UF played last year – and then what I saw in other games. Florida only nominated Torrence, and he is deserving of holding down an OG spot. So, my eight are Torrence, and then McClendon of Georgia, Limmer of Ark, Horsey of Kentucky, Ekiyor of Alabama, Robinson of A&M, Broeker of Ole Miss and Foster of Missouri.

C – Stromberg was a given, and then call me a homer, but I took Egukun over Van Pran.

DL – Carter was a given as my No. 1 ranked (we have to pick eight) defensive lineman. Then I went with Young (Bama), Hall (Auburn), LSU’s Gaye came next followed by Young out of Tennessee, Pickens out of SC, Florida’s Dexter and then Smith from LSU. The SEC is deep here. I mean really deep. They could have given us 12 picks and it wouldn’t have been enough.

LB – Linebacker’s are a combination of strictly linenbackers mixed in with rush ends. We need to pick six. Will Anderson is clearly the top pick, and maybe the best all around player in college football. Then, in order, I went with Smith of UGA, Miller of Florida (curveball I know), followed by Gators’ Cox, To’oto’o and then Turner of Alabama.

DB – I went with Battle and Ricks as my top two (Alabama’s coaches nominated seven defensive backs for All SEC. Basically their entire two-deep). Then I went with Ringo of Georgia, Smith of South Carolina, Marshall of Florida, Johnson of A&M, Dean out of Florida (I believe he came back with a purpose) and then Smith from UGA. (Florida also nominated Rashad Torrence).

K – Reichard of Alabama and Mevis of Missouri.

P – Constantinou of A&M Brooks of Tenn.

RS – Smith of A&M (yes I know about the charges) and Jackson of Georgia. It comes as no surprise that UF didn’t nominate anyone.

AP – Gibbs of Bama and Smith of A&M.

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