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    Via SEC Sports…

    Sophomore Quarterback Anthony Richardson

    On personal and team expectations for the season…

    “We try not to look into it too much. We take everything one day at a time, because we can’t
    predict the future. As long as we prepare for everything then I feel like everything will be

    On what Head Coach Billy Napier does that the players like…
    “He trusts in himself, he trusts in his system, he trusts in the players and the staff. His
    confidence is unmatched. He is a people person, and that’s what I like about him. He puts
    people before himself, and I really respect that because I try to do the same thing. His
    confidence is the main thing that has rubbed off on all of us.”

    On working with junior wide receiver Ricky Pearsall…
    “Ricky, that’s my guy. He is a great person, and he is very smart and fast. I appreciate his
    speed. It makes it easier for me to throw the ball to him. We have been connecting in the
    offseason. I was talking to him before I came here and told him he needs to get some work
    in this weekend before the season. We are able to connect like that.”

    On his bond with Coach Napier…
    “Being the person he is, I feel like I connect with him a lot. I see a lot of myself in him. Just the way he reacts to people and treats people. When it comes to the way we get ready and
    prepare for things. We watch and just see how we can fit in and make everything work.”

    On what Coach Napier has given the team to work on in the offseason…
    “He has given each of us different things to work on. The lesson plans have forced us to
    become better players. We got to see things the way that they [the coaches] see things. It
    has helped us a lot this offseason.”

    On the Manning Passing Academy and what he learned…
    “How to be a pro. I learned a lot from Eli and Peyton. It also taught me how to be a coach.
    Shoutout to all the coaches in the world. It’s hard trying to keep up with a lot of kids like
    that. Going out there and connecting with different guys. Trying to pick everyone’s brain
    and see how they view things. It’s helpful and hopefully I can showcase that this year.”

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