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These fourth, fifth and even a sixth place predicted finish in the East are ridiculous.

It’s really tough to predict what Florida will do.
Didn’t most people pick them last year preseason to finish second in the east?
The safe bet is to usually just go with more or less the finish from the previous year.
Many teams in the east have pretty stable QBs and while Richardson probably has more talent than anyone in the east, he threw far too many interceptions and was not healthy.

Talent wise, top to bottom, UGA runs away with the East, but Florida is the second most talented.

Yeah, I agree, but this was also true last year.
Too many times the mental state of the team is overlooked, and last year the team was undisciplined and had quit.
One can argue that it was Mullen who quit first, but overall the team was not in a good mental state.
In a report I read the Athletic listed the one lingering issue for all SEC teams and for Florida is whether or not they can correct the discipline issues that cropped up in close losses.

A 4-6 place finish means there’s real questions surrounding the program.

We don’t have to wait until the end of the season to answer this question.
The program has been broken since UM coached, as he admitted himself.
Muschamp improved things somewhat, but could not get the offense going.
McElwain was too arrogant letting Grier walk and boasting he could win with his dog as QB.
Offense improved under Mullen, but he had Grantham as DC which hurt the whole team.
The lack of discipline will be difficult to improve with the same players as last year and is part of BN plan to fix the culture.
While it was obvious the team quit in games last year, this year, if the discipline improves and the team plays hard in all their games, I think it will be an improvement.
So in my opinion, I won’t look at W-L at the end of the year, but effort put on the field in all games.

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