Reply To: Redshirt Report: Despite a redshirt snafu, Elksnis has found a sweet spot in terms of size, strength and speed

Cam Parker
ITG Staff

As crazy as this may sound, I’m keeping my eye on Arlis Boardingham. Keep in mind, no one will ever replicate what Pitts brought to the 2019 and 2020 offenses. He was truly a generational talent.

Size-wise, Elksnis is the closest to Pitts, but he’s more of that natural TE. Pitts was an athlete (unicorn as the previous coaching staff put it). Boardingham most replicates that combination receiver/athlete/tight end that Pitts was (he was listed as an athlete on the recruiting sites), while the other tight ends fighting for playing time (Elksnis, Zipperer, Zanders and Odom) look like your traditional tight ends. Size-wise, Boardingham’s height and weight varies by each site with some saying he’s as tall as 6’5″, but UF has him listed at 6’3″.

Boardingham was not enrolled in spring, so we’ll have to wait until fall to see how he looks so far, but Elksnsis’ father told me that Nick has been impressed by him so far.

Overall, the tight end room should be a strength this year despite the lack of experience, especially since Napier loves running two tight end sets.

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