Reply To: Where is the 3 star Billy crowd at now?

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Watch a lot of sports shows and read even more information. The consensus is that we’re doing fine, especially with NIL and timing as it was going to change recruiting. UF is following the rules laid forth by the state of Florida. Not all states have rules in place; therefore, not all programs are following any NIL protocol. Bottom line is that CBN ask for patience and time. Most of the fan base expects an instant miracle and wants it now. If you’re that supportive of Mullen, move to Georgia and watch him run the offense at the private school he will be coaching. As far as UF is concerned, the dude was totally checked out and didn’t want to be here. He walked away wealthy and did the program no favors. Fans like you haven’t even taken into account the Mullen recruits that didn’t even make it to campus for whatever reason, but you keep drinking the Mullen KoolAid if that makes you feel better.

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