Reply To: Wasn’t Sale supposed to be a upgrade over Hevesy

Steve L
ITG Subscriber

Lizard–I hope that is a tone of sarcasm that I note in your post. However I have to admit I really love to watch basketball and gymnastics. Coach Holloway is a totally unbelievable coach in an under appreciated sport. Most fans don’t give a flip about track but Mouse has quietly added a bunch of SEC championships and NC’s to UF’s trophy cabinet. know football is the sport that is the sport that funds most of the other sports. Basketball may be able to pay its own way but the others can’t.
All that to say this. Asuccessful football program is essential for an overall sports program but it’s tough to listen to read all the negativity about a coach who has been here for 7 months and hasn’t yet coached a game. By the way I’m not talking about you being negative. There are some guys that as soon as I see their name on the post I need to ready to read whining aand bitching.

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