Reply To: USC WR pissed off he isn’t getting what was promised to him ?

Mark Wheeler
Forum Owner

This is going to be interesting to follow on the NIL front. Will every player get what’s promised to them?

I have nothing against Jaden Rashada, I think he is a nice young man, or the Tennessee five-star commit (I’ve never spoken with him one way or the other), but I’d like to see them fall on their faces just so we can see what happens NIL wise.

In pro sports, which is what the NCAA is becoming, if a player doesn’t live up to his contract, he gets cut. That isn’t supposed to happen in college sports though.

Is that Vol kid going to get his full 6-8 million if he is a bust? These NIL deals aren’t supposed to be based on participation or production. If they are terrible, does the big money booster or collective still pay out the full amount?

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