Reply To: Cristobal is cleaning up

Steve L
ITG Subscriber

So be it. Not a damn thing UF can do about it. Whining won’t make things any better for us. They hand out money and maybe we don’t Like everyone on this board I have no idea what we are paying as opposed to Miami. To be honest many of our folks posting sound jealous of the Canes. I can’t stand them but there’s not a thing we can do about it.Just worry about the recruits we get and hope we get enough guys to be competitive.
Just a side note: when it coms time for SEC expansion UF better do everything possible to ban the Canes from joining the SEC. I don’t think Florida would be alone in wanting to do that but I’M not sure how many schools have the balls to vote to keep them out.This is not a fraternal group of brothers, it’s every man for itself. Screw Miami!!

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