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Mark Wheeler
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Did his team lose the 7v7 championship because he threw a pick? I don’t get what it is saying about he cost his team the game. Is there video?

I’m going by memory here at this point, but either the second or third last drive in a tight game, I believe it was second to the last, he got a little cutesy – and a nonchalant throw ended up being picked off, and his team was eliminated.

It’s interesting that the other poster mentioned Mahomes because it was that type of throw, and I am going off memory, but it didn’t seem like a conventional delivery, and it was picked. I know all of those Mahomes’ throws make Sportscenter – or at least the ones that work – but some of them are not needed and don’t turn out well.

It’s one throw. I wasn’t trying to dwell on it. It’s just that in an otherwise terrific day, which I tweeted out and mentioned over and over, it was a downer that his day ended on such a sour note.

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