Reply To: The coaches are killing it on defense but not on offense

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From what I can tell, it almost seems to me the staff is prioritizing the O and D line.
My impression is also that talent matters more on the D line than O line, but I am no expert on this.
Also, the defense was atrocious for the past three years, and I know that with Grantham gone now, that is an automatic improvement.
Still, I think the defense needed more help than the offense – again, just my uninformed opinions.

I don’t know why offensive linemen aren’t lining up to play for Sale considering he coached in the NFL last year.

Again, and I’ve said this before, the key word here is “last year”.
Relationships with recruits take time to develop, and hopefully some are being formed with undergraduate recruits with the camps this summer.

Didn’t he sign Fornette at LSU?

Again, he was with Napier last year and probably not recruiting against LSU, Alabama, Georia.
Let’s see how the staff does the next two years – I am guessing the recruiting improves.

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