Reply To: Lindys and Athlons have us outside their top 30

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As a lifelong Gator, it’s disappointing to read these types of comments from fair weather fans. We were told by CBN, when he was hired, to have patience as this program rebuild would probably take a few years. People are already deriding the man for recruiting and he has yet to coach a game in the orange and blue. In such a short time, he has taken care of issues that desperately needed taken care of and has begun to set the program on the right path. Players and recruits rave about the staff and the program. The culture is changing, but with the recent release of some players, total “buy in” just isn’t there, yet. If you know his history, ULL did have a 7-7 record his first year. After that, things improved quickly and in a very positive way for the Ragin Cajuns. Give the man some time and let him work. Trust me when I say, he has his fingers on the pulse of college football. Operating with NIL in place is probably throwing a few kinks into the hose of recruiting. Hopefully some rules can be put in place as it seems several programs that are operating within rules set forth by their states are experiencing similar recruiting issues. The U ain’t one of them as they are blatantly buying kids’ services with Lifewallet money. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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