As the Gators offense looked better as a whole this past weekend, they lost a key contributor in Kadarius Toney. It's reported that Toney suffered a shoulder injury and is set to be sidelined for a number of weeks. You never want to suffer injuries, however I feel like Florida will be able to manage taking the field without Toney just fine. If there's any position group that can afford an injury, it's Florida's receivers. Granted, Toney has a very unique skill-set and can literally do it all offensively. But the Gators have a number of other options who can make things happen with the ball in their hands. Jacob Copeland is likely to step up and fill in for Toney's role. Time will tell down the road, but I think in some ways that could be an upgrade. Copeland is more of a natural receiver than Toney is and there is no denying his physical upside. Toney's absence should also provide more chances for Van Jefferson and Trevon Grimes, who seem more than capable of having the passing game run through them. Losing Toney is tough, he's a Swiss-Army knife offensively and can do a lot of things other guys can't. But it's been known that the Gators have a loaded receiver corps, and they'll be just fine without #1 in the offensive huddle.