Courtesy Florida Sports Information:

On the offensive line . . . "They held their own, we weren't overly complex on defense and kept it pretty simple. When you come out and watch the quarterbacks and receivers, you see how well they are clicking and we need to continue to improve, but we've got a bunch of practices before we play a game with that offensive line. We still need to hit the road recruiting because we are not complete at that position yet for this season. I think that for us, those guys continue to take steps and continue to grow. We have 25 more practices before we play in a game."

On this O&B game compared with last year's game . . . "I think that you are just looking at guys who are more comfortable with the system. We had some DBs down and held some guys out, then you have a veteran quarterback and receivers. A lot of the points we put up this year were explosive plays through the air. That's guys who are older, more experienced and know how to make plays within the system."

On the defense's performance today . . . "We didn't make a lot of defensive calls and we held a couple of players out. If you're going to be vanilla on defense and put a veteran quarterback on the field and say 'Hey, they're only going to run these four defenses,' before the ball is snapped, they know what the defense is going to be, and they can pick you apart. It was good to see them do that. We kept it somewhat simple offensively as well, because when you split the team up, it's not easy. You have to keep it simple because you're playing a lot of guys and some guys are not as experienced as others, so you try to keep it simple and see your guys execute."

On Feleipe Franks' performance . . . "I thought Feleipe had a really solid spring. It was really good to see him come out there today because there was more pressure on him today than there is on a regular practice. You put the fans in, and you'll hear people critiquing you. When you play quarterback at Florida, you're under a lot of critique. We saw him this spring making good decisions, being more comfortable in the offense, getting different reads and knowing where to go with the ball, and using the offense to make plays. Instead of just trying to execute it, he is knowing when and how to make plays. It was good to see him doing that in a game setting."

On takeaways in film from today's game . . . "I want to see the effort. Did the guys execute, what type of effort did we play with? How are guys technically and physically? It's not complicated what we did today, but did we execute cleanly? You're hoping out of spring, you can say we feel good about this many players and here are our holes and gaps that we need to fill before the season."

On how he approaches each spring game differently . . . "It's usually pretty consistent, but it all depends on what you've got on the roster with veteran players and how much they are going to play, but none of the makeup of the game is different. Last year we had more veteran defensive players play, and it was a little more of a low-scoring game, today we had more veteran offensive players play and it's a little more high-scoring in that situation."

On establishing a "fun" spring game . . . "I think that our players work hard, we demand a lot out of them, and we push them in the offseason and in practice, so we let today be more of a celebration day for them to have fun in front of family and friends. Plus, we want to make it a festive activity, so I want to make it a lot of fun for the campus."