Spring Football Practice Observations (3/23)

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Evan Lepak
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No Copeland or Krull. Krull has a shoulder injury but wasn't wearing a sling.

RB + QB drills: Good hands from everyone
Perine and Davis looked especially explosive. During catching drills, no balls hit the ground.

Team drills: Franks makes a nice intermediate pass to Tyrie Cleveland.
Had trouble finding open receivers otherwise due to good defense.
Emory Jones makes a sweet sideline pass to Kemore Gamble.
Almost gets picked by Shawn Davis and John Huggins, but the ball falls to the ground.
Franks makes a nice pass to Grimes on the sideline. Grimes makes the catch through tough contact.
Trash has made some crisp passes this morning. Hits Kyle Pitts across the middle through a tight window.
Things get dicey with Zach Carter and Feleipe Franks during team drills. Franks beamed Carter with the ball after a push he didn't appreciate.

QB + WR drills: No drops early, WR coach Billy Gonzales gets onto Cleveland for running slow routes.
Grimes was the most impressive for me personally, getting plenty of praise from Gonzales.
Poor throws from Franks and Jones back to back. A little sloppy towards the end of drills.

WR + DB drills: Kyle Pitts catches a deep route and beats Chris Steele. DB coach Torrian Gray was pretty upset with his freshman after the play.
Brian Edwards picks up two interceptions. One off of a tipped ball.
Franks hits Grimes over the middle but a nice play by Edwards breaks up the pass.

11 on 11: A lot of short passes to open up the session. The defensive line looked good getting to the offensive line. Pressure was a big problem for most of the session. The O-line is by far the biggest question mark on the team.
Malik Davis breaks off a nice run on the right side of the line. He has looked good this spring. Hopefully he can stay healthy for UF this season.
Trask overthrows Jefferson down the sideline then can't quite thread the needle to Toney.
Franks hits Grimes on a nice curl route, Grimes can't complete the process. He was visibly frustrated a few times at practice.
Dylan Rudolph
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Practice 3/23 notes and observations

Practice began with splitting up the offensive and defensive units to walk through some situations.
QB Emory Jones received a majority of the reps during the session and had some nice throws to Lamical Perine and Trevon Grimes.
DB Shawn Davis also returned to practice after he was out the last few days. He was in full pads running with the first-team defense.

Special Teams
The team then moved outside to run special teams drills.
Both kickers, Evan McPherson and Chris Howard, kicked field goals with rushers coming full speed.
McPherson made all but one kick that went wide right, and Howard missed two of his kicks, one clanging off the right post.
The rest of the team worked on punt blocking and rushing.
Both Tommy Townsend and Jacob Finn looked good punting the ball.
Linebacker Will Thomas had a nice block toward the end of the session with a rush right up the middle.

In the individual drills, the offense worked a lot on the running game.
The offensive line worked on their technique at the second level while the QBs and RBs worked on locating gaps and option plays.

11 on 11
The offense looked good early in the full team drills.
The first-team offensive line looked much improved in its pass blocking, and the QBs did well with all the time in the pocket.
Feleipe Franks made a nice pass in a tight window to Grimes, who broke it for a touchdown and Emory Jones had a beautiful touchdown pass rolling out of the pocket to Freddie Swain deep.
Freshman Jalon Jones also did well early on. He had a nice tuck and run for a touchdown. He also had a nice pass to Jaylin Jackson on the sidelines, but the pass was dropped.

But the pass rush became more and more suffocating as the defense began adding blitz packages.
Edge rusher Zach Carter was in the quarterback's face seemingly every play and almost intercepted Emory Jones at one point. Carter has looked good this spring with the reps he's been given. He still needs to work on shedding blocks in the run game but will definitely see significant playing time in the fall if he maintains his form.
Emory Jones avoided a near interception with two defenders in his face. The ball bobbled between DBs John Huggins and Shawn Davis, but it fell to the ground.
Emory Jones had to tuck and run for most of the session and looked visibly frustrated at the lack of time. When he has time in the pocket, Jones is able to make nice throws with a tight spiral, but he still needs to work on keeping his eyes downfield when he is flushed out of the pocket.
Franks was also sacked three times with good downfield coverage and a breakdown by the offensive line.

7 on 7
The offense had a small resurgence with no pass rush coming.
Franks completed a deep pass to tight end, Kyle Pitts.
Kyle Trask completed a pass to Kadarius Toney on a slant route, who broke it for a touchdown.
But Junior DB Brian Edwards outshined everyone by jumping the route on two separate plays to pick off Emory Jones. Edwards had a good day and seemed to be all over the field.

Practice ended with full team wind sprints.
Both Lucas Krull and Jacob Copeland were out at practice today but in street clothes. Krull was without his sling that he wore last practice on his right arm.
Olivia Granaiola
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Practice observations: Offense

QB: Franks is solidifying his status as QB1. Lots of confidence, throwing tight balls and hitting most of his targets in and out of 7v7. Also showing himself to be a leader by talking to players and teaching them the right way to do things. Vision is leaps and bounds from last year. Emory Jones can throw a deep ball, but is still working on precision. Shaking through the air, got picked off a few times and not necessarily always by the top dogs on the defense.

RB: Perine can and will hit every hole the defense leaves, no matter how small. Breaks tackles like Kamara and looked like he had the ability to score at least 10 touchdowns on the day against a lockdown defense. Davis looks back up to par despite back to back season ending injuries. Pure speed. Looks a little rusty on catching/blocking. Pierce and Clement are also extremely fast. Pierce is more of a tackle breaker and Clement is a hole finder. Perine out in front, but expect 20, 24, and 27 to split the #2 spot.

WR: Trevon Grimes is looking like the 5 star he was recruited as out of high school. He's a dog. Dives for the ball and makes the catch despite defense being stuck to him like glue. Van Jefferson still looking solid. KT is so good that he's trying to get fancy on the field. Almost caught a sick one hander but fell short. However, he is still the wildcat he's always been praised for being. Tyrie Cleveland loves football. First to get in formation, holds onto the ball as long as he can, and just relishes the experience. Still looking skinny, but expect a dang good senior season. Freddie Swain is mostly with the 2's after a breakout season last year. Last year mightve been his ceiling. Jacob Copeland was in attendance, but wearing street clothes.

TE: Krull out of a sling, but still not on the field. Gamble slow hands and a little slow in general. Pitts has been practicing at WR, but feel like he will be used as a TE this year.
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