First of all, this is in no way, shape or form directed at Mac Markway - who I have communicated with before he visited UF in June, saw him on campus with Brewster, and then got him for a Q&A after his visit (can be read here:

I don't have a list here on the site for commitments past the Class of 2022. That is the class that is 'on the clock' and that is the class that matters most at this point.

When I went independent back in April of 2018, I decided that I wasn't going to go 'all in' on prospects who commit before their class is on the clock. Before that, as part of a network, though I didn't put much stock in early commitments, I had contractually obligated article levels to meet. As an independent, I don't have those obligations.

That is why, to this point, though we obviously talk about, talk to and write about underclassmen, we have only written four stand-alone features on prospects in the Class of 2023 and that is because those are kids in the recruiting footprint who have visited UF multiple times. I'm not going to write an update when some kid 18 months out from actually signing becomes one of 300 prospects UF will offer in a cycle. There's no need for it. It's a waste of my time writing it and your time reading it. We want to stick to more pertinent prospects.

Again, this isn't directed at Markway, but history tells us that prospects who commit out of cycle, meaning they committed before National Signing Day of the class before them aren't all that likely to stick for a myriad of reasons. So, I'll worry about where the kids in the next class stand when they are on the clock, the first Thursday after the first Wednesday in February.

Before that, they may currently love Florida and they may or may not eventually end up in Gainesville, but it really doesn't matter.

This isn't a reflection of Mac Markway in any way. I started this 'policy' back when Rucker committed in November of 2018 (before decommitting, recommitting and then being dropped).

Nine of the last 10 prospects to commit to Florida out of cycle didn't actually sign with Florida (though Russ could come around):

Shawn Russ (decommitted)
Syvion Ellis (dropped/decommitted)
Sam McCall (decommitted)
Brashard Smith (decommitted)
Sapp (signed but yet to report)
Terrence Lewis (decommitted/could say he was dropped)
Bryce Langston (decommitted)
Trevonte Rucker (decommitted/dropped)
Dink Jackson (decommitted)
George Jackson (dropped/decommitted)