On how coming to Arizona and if he's satisfied with where he was drafted:

"I'm super excited about coming to Arizona. I feel like I should have been taken earlier in this draft but, I have no control over that. I'm excited and happy that Arizona chose me and I'm ready to get to work."

On what he learned from the incident in 2020 against LSU when he threw the shoe downfield:

"You just have to be in control of your emotions at all times and make sure you're doing the right things. But also, silly mistakes like that affect not only just you but a lot of people around you. You just have to stay away from doing things like that."

On working out in Arizona this offseason before the draft:

"I was working out in Exos in Phoenix. I really liked it out there, I enjoyed it a lot. It was a great environment and I'm happy to be going back."

On the key to translating his athleticism to every down production in the NFL:

"Knowing that you have that ability and just believing in yourself and going hard every play."

On if he thinks his ACL injuries affected his draft stock and which ACL he hurt in high school:

"I feel like it might have affected it a little bit. In high school it was the right one that I tore."

On his knowledge of the cornerback situation in Arizona and how quickly he feels he can make an impact:

"I know that they're in need of cornerbacks. I know there's a lot of guys who are there already that are very talented and older guys who have a lot of experience. I feel like I can come in and make an impact while learning a lot from those guys who are already there."

On what he thinks his natural strengths are:

"I feel like my natural strengths are my athletic ability and my technique, playing the cornerback position."

On his conversations with the Cardinals leading up to the draft:

"I believe I talked to the defensive backs coach one time. That was about it. I knew they had some interest. That was the only conversation that I had with them before the draft, and it went pretty well."

On what separates him from the defensive backs drafted ahead of him:

"I feel like my experience playing this position and the league that I played in, the SEC, I just feel that it built me to be able to play in the NFL. Also, I feel like my athletic ability is better than anybody in this class, but only time will tell that and show that."

On who he patterns his game after:

"I would like to say Darrelle Revis because I always watched a lot of his film and try to do things that he does. I personally feel that he's the best to ever do it and I've been watching him ever since I was a little kid to try and pick up different things and skills to be just as good as he is."

On how playing as a true freshman will help him adapt and play early in the NFL:

"I feel like it makes you grow up really quickly. It threw me into a leadership position at a young age of 18 in the biggest conference in college football. It made me grow up really fast and made me be able to make decisions that vets would have to make. It just really made me grow up quick and gave me a lot of experience early on. I feel like it is a natural thing to move into."